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Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30

●About N.F.A.P.T.

The Aggregate National Federation of Associations of Physical Therapists (NFAPT) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) was founded on July 25, 1999 based on the Physical Therapy Act. Our member associations, directors, trustees, and staff all play an integral role in the NFAPT and contribute to its success. Member associations are composed of all Association of Physical Therapists in Taiwan.

The president of the 5th Board of Director is ZHENG-FENG, YANG. A total of 5 Executive Directors, 26 Directors, and 9 Designate Directors cpmprise the 5th Board of Director. They are all elected by the member representatives every three years. They are the primary policy making.

There are 8 Trustees and 2 Designate Directors in the 5th Board of Trustees, who are elected by the member representative also. The current executive trustee is Professor Chun-Hou Wang.

In addition, there are Editorial Committee, Financial Committee, Credit Certification Committee, Academic, Research and Evaluation Committee, Members Association Service Committee, Public Affairs Committee, Medical Affairs Committee, Social Welfare Committee, Policies and Bylaws Committee, Business Development Committee and Information Management Committee. Those committees execute the policy made by the Board of Directors and continuing the promotion and development of physical therapists in Taiwan.

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